How To Grow Grape Cuttings In Winter At Home (Photo, Video)

If a gardener wishes to propagate grapes on his own plot, there are two different ways to do so. The first and easiest way is to buy seedlings from a nursery. The second way, although labor-intensive, but more effective is the cultivation of grape cuttings in winter at home. The second method has several positive aspects that favorably distinguish it, namely, the gardener will be able to get grape seedlings of the desired variety, and such material for planting is much more stable, if it is compared to the purchased in the nursery. To grow high quality cuttings yourself, you only need to put in a little effort.

Growing grapevine cuttings

How to grow grape cuttings in winter at home (photo, video)

Before planting the cuttings in a permanent location, you need to prepare them first of all. Most gardeners do not have the necessary experience because they have seldom done this before. The process of vine cuttings preparation is divided into several steps, each of which is very important:

  • pruning;
  • storage;
  • preparation for planting;
  • germination.

To succeed in this endeavor, one must know all the basic rules of grape cuttings as well as tricks and secrets.

@Grape cuttings preparation and storage

Phase cuttings cutting

How to grow grape cuttings in winter at home (photo, video)

All weakened or damaged branches die off in autumn, therefore it is recommended to prepare grape cuttings (corms) at this time of year.

When cutting them you should follow some basic rules:

  1. Start cutting only when all foliage has fallen off the bush.
  2. Please try to choose branches that have large bunches. The fact is that these are the branches that make the best planting material.
  3. Pick a vine that does not have any curved shapes. It is best if it is as straight as possible.

  4. It must be remembered that the quality of the planting material is directly related to the length of the cuttings.

Remember that the cutting of the stock must never be done in subzero temperatures. For this reason, if there is already frost outside, you will not be able to make cuttings until the following year. To cut the buds you will need pruning shears. Prepare a copper sulfate solution and immerse the cuttings in it as soon as you cut them.

Step 2: Storage

How to grow grape cuttings in winter at home (photo, video)

To keep the cuttings until spring, you should make sure they are in the best possible conditions. The first thing to do is to separate the cuttings by variety. Then, cuttings of the same variety are bundled together and placed in a separate polyethylene bag, which is then wrapped up very tightly. Note that you will need to keep the grapevine cuttings until spring. The fact is that it is at the beginning of the spring period that they are planted in the open ground.

There are several places where grape cuttings can be stored quite successfully:

  1. Fridge shelf.This storage method is effective only when the stock is relatively few.
  2. Cellar. This method of storage is ideal for those gardeners who grow grape seedlings not only for themselves but also for sale.
  3. Gardening.

    There are also those gardeners who have learned to preserve material for planting until spring by simply burying it in the ground. Remember, however, that cuttings should be buried at least half a meter deep.

Many problems can arise during the storage of corms in winter, so you should systematically inspect them. If you notice that the buds on the stock have swollen, it means that the temperature in the place where the stock is kept is high. If this is a refrigerator you should simply lower the temperature, otherwise you should move the cutting to a cooler place.

Preparing for planting

How to grow grape cuttings in winter at home (photo, video)

When grape buds are well preserved they can be prepared relatively quickly and easily for planting in open soil. The first thing you will need to do is to inspect each grape cuttings, removing those that are unfit for cultivation. To understand whether the corm is suitable for planting or not, you can apply a transverse incision to it. Inspect the incision. If it remains absolutely dry, such a cuttings can be thrown away, because they are completely dried up and will not be able to give either roots or buds.

A good cuttings suitable for cultivation should have moisture coming out of the incision. You should also look closely at the color of the cut. In a case where the cuttings spent the whole winter in conditions that were favorable for him, his cut should be colored in a rich green color. Carefully inspect the cut, as there should be no various flecks.

After you have carefully inspected the grape stems and sorted them, you can begin the procedure that will wake them up.

Take a container of the desired volume and fill it with lukewarm water. Then immerse the grape cuttings in it. They will have to stay in the water for at least two days. After that, prepare a solution of the product, stimulating the growth of roots (it can be purchased in a special store). When you take the cuttings out of the water, immediately immerse them in this solution.

4 step: Germination

How to grow grape cuttings in winter at home (photo, video)

This step is the very last and very important one. Gardeners have two methods for germinating cuttings, so you can choose the one best suited to your needs:

  1. Germinating with a glass.You should prepare a large sized plastic glass. On the bottom you have to make 3 large holes, the best way to do this is with an awl. On the bottom you need to pour soil mixed with compost.

    Then you need to take a glass of plastic of a smaller volume and cut out its bottom. After that, this glass should be inserted into the first glass with soil. The smaller glass should be filled with sand and well watered. The stem should be stuck into the sand. In order to keep the heat there you should use plastic film.

  2. With a plastic bottle.You need an ordinary plastic bottle. You have to put a not so high drainage layer in the bottom of the bottle. Pour a layer of compost, nutrient soil or peat on top. Immersed in the soil chubub should have the tip at the same level as the bottle.

    The top of the bottle is covered with a glass of plastic. After the formation of the first young shoots, the cover is removed.

All of these methods are quite effective. However, to successfully grow grapevine cuttings, they must be systematically watered and have good light. Only transplant the cuttings into the open ground after they have developed roots and the first leaves have grown.

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