Growing And Sowing Flower Seedlings At Home

Growing and sowing flower seedlings at home This will save time, get rid of unnecessary picking, get the right amount of the highest quality seedlings. In addition, this method allows you to control the density of the seedlings.

The above listed seedling cultivation devices help to maintain the integrity of the root system when planting flower seedlings. Any container used for growing seedlings should be disinfected by scalding it with boiling water or by keeping the container in a weak solution of manganese solution.

Soil for seedlings

Growing and sowing flower seedlings at home

The future of flowers depends on the quality of the seedling soil you can buy in the store or make your own.

Buying universal potting soil at a florist can save time. By preparing the soil mixture with your own hands, there will be no doubts about its quality. In addition, this method will cost you less. In any case, to grow a good, strong planting material, you need to prepare good soil. Each plant has its own requirements for soil composition.

The soil for planting should be fresh. Soil in which other plants have grown before is not suitable for growing seedlings. The soil mixture should be free of plant residues, fungi spores, weed seeds, pathogenic microbes, worms, and larvae. They can kill the young plant. The soil should be nutritious and water-permeable.

It is equally important that it is fertile, containing the necessary nutrients. Depending on the type of plant, the composition of the soil is selected individually. The most popular earth mixture includes one part of sod soil, one part of sand and three parts of peat. If the proportions are not respected, the quality of the seedlings will be low. As a light drainage, coarse sand can be used, which should be placed in the bottom of the container.

Depending on the type of crop to be grown, additional components in certain proportions should be added to the soil mixture.

Selection of a location for the seedlings

Growing and sowing flower seedlings at home

When growing seedlings of flowering plants, remember that the seeds must be germinated in the dark. Once the seeds have been planted, put the container with the seedlings in a dark place. But when the first sprouts appear, containers with seedlings are moved to the light. Natural light at the end of winter - beginning of spring will not be enough.

To fix this, it is necessary to illuminate seedlings with fluorescent lamps. Daylight bulbs are turned on during daylight hours. This will help young seedlings maintain the balance of day and night. The ideal place to grow seedlings is a mini greenhouse. It can be found in a flower store.

But its use has one drawback - it takes up too much space. Improvised means will correct this situation. A container with future seedlings is covered with glass. After the seeds germinate, construct a kind of greenhouse by stretching a piece of polyethylene between two pieces of wire.

Watering and fertilizing

Growing and sowing flower seedlings at home

After planting the seeds in moist soil, they are not watered.

Just moisten the soil a little with a sprayer. When the first green sprouts appear, start watering them with a pale pink manganese solution. This should be done gradually. The seedlings need moderate watering. Excessive moisture and water depletion will reduce the quality of the seedlings.

Before planting green sprouts in the open ground, they should be fertilized three times. Fertilizer is prepared by hand. For the first feeding, an infusion of cowpea and water (proportion 1:20) is suitable. Prepared fertilizer feed 10 seedlings. For the second and third fertilizer in 1 liter of water dissolve 1.

5 g of potassium sulfate, nitrate and 3 g of superphosphate. 5 seedlings are treated with this liquid. Such recommendations are universal, but you should take into account the characteristics of the plant you plan to grow.

If you grow seedlings in the above way, they adapt well to an independent, adult flower life. In most cases, the seedlings have a well-formed root system and each plant produces about 10 green and healthy leaves.


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