Figs From A Stone: How To Plant And Grow At Home

Everybody who loves dates for their unique taste would probably dream of growing a date from a seed at home. But will it bear a resemblance to the plant that grows in natural conditions? To grow a palm from a stone is not so difficult, and for this purpose it is not necessary to make special efforts. But you are unlikely to ever see fruits on it, because such a plant does not bear fruit in the room. However, in order to grow such a palm, you must know how to plant it correctly and also remember the basic rules of care.

Preparing a date seed for planting

Figs from a stone: how to plant and grow at home

First, you should look for quality planting material.

To do this, go to a store or to the market. The dates must be chosen very carefully. It is important to note that they should not be pretreated. It is best to choose dates that have been cured or dried. To increase the chances of a successful planting, it is better to use more than one seed at a time.

Before planting, they should be thoroughly stripped of the pulp. Keep in mind that even the slightest bit of pulp remaining may cause the pit to become mouldy.

The cleaned pit should be placed in a container of cold water for two days. The water should be changed systematically. Then the planting material should be inspected again for remaining pulp.

Now the pips are ready for planting. Experienced growers recommend the following tricks to speed up the appearance of the seedling:

  1. Place the stone in a small container and pour in hot water. Wait 10 minutes and remove it from the liquid. With this preparation, the young plant will emerge just a few weeks after planting. By the way, you would have to wait months without this process.

  2. You can also pierce the seed very carefully with a pointed object or rub it well on sandpaper. This method will allow the liquid to enter the seed more quickly. This makes the seedlings appear quite quickly.

Before planting the date palm directly, the best possible conditions must be prepared for it.

Finch from a stone.

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Home care for the stone date


For the successful growth and development of the plant, the most suitable substrate must be selected for planting. Thus, it must necessarily be light as well as loose. The date has a rather weak and fragile root system, so you should choose the most suitable soil mixture for its cultivation. This soil can be purchased in a specialized store.

But it can also be made by your own hands. Put sawdust, humus, peat and sand together. Planting


Figs from a stone: how to plant and grow at home

Potting dates is not difficult at all. It is done by dropping the seed stone vertically in a hole made in the ground and then covering it with soil. Then the soil should be watered, and you should use not a very large amount of water.

After that, the pot is moved to a fairly warm place. In order to plant a date, you do not need any special containers. You can take a pot, a large bowl, etc. Once the plants have shown both a little leaf and a shoot, they need to be transplanted into separate containers.


Transplant the plant very carefully with its root ball.

Make sure not to disturb the roots. If you damage the root system, you can discard the plant as it will not take root in a new pot.


Figs from a stone: how to plant and grow at home

The date palm is rather undemanding and not capricious. This plant responds well to humidity, heat, and fertilization. Fertilize the soil several times a year.

Watering should be moderate. Such a palm reacts negatively to both overdrying and overwatering of the earth's rump. In the summertime, it is recommended to arrange a shower. Also, the date palm needs direct sunlight.

Planning the date palm, as well as caring for it will not cause much difficulty.

In just a few months, you will have a luxurious plant on your windowsill, grown with your own hands.


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