Espostoa: Home Care, Replanting And Propagation

Espostoais directly related to the cactus family, and is considered a type of Cleistocactus. This plant is a column-shaped plant with branching stems from the base. The shoots can grow to a height of up to 3 meters and they have a large number of hairs on their surface. In nature, this cactus can be found in the middle mountains of southern Ecuador and the northern half of Peru. Under natural conditions, Espostea forms spectacular bell-shaped flowers, which can reach 5 centimeters in diameter.

Flowering is observed only in adult specimens. After flowering, the fruits form an oval shape, on the surface of which there is a layer of hairs and scales.

Espostoa lanata is most commonly cultivated at home (Espostoa Lanata). The most suitable conditions for its keeping are in greenhouses. There the plant opens in full glory.

But it can also be cultivated as a houseplant. Florists love this cactus for its unusual whitish woolly pubescence. At home it flowers very rarely and can reach a height of 35 to 70 centimeters. The domestic esposostoa has a column-shaped sturdy and rather thick stem, colored greenish-gray, with a dense covering of sharp prickles and hairs on its surface.

Home care for esposostoa

Espostoa: home care, replanting and propagation


Loves light.

The plant needs bright light both in summer and especially in winter.

Temperature regime

In the spring and summer, it is recommended to keep the cactus at moderate temperatures. With the onset of the cold season, it should be moved to a sufficiently cool place (15 to 18 degrees). You should know that the espostoa feels quite comfortable at a temperature of not less than 8 degrees.

How to water

Espostoa: home care, replanting and propagation

When the plant is actively growing it should be watered very carefully and watering should be quite sparing.

Don't forget that this cactus takes a very long time to come out of dormancy (throughout the spring and early summer). During the autumn and winter period you should only water the cactus occasionally with a little water.


It does not need extra moisture from a sprayer. On hot summer days, frequent airing of the room is recommended.

Transplanting Espostoa

Espostoa: home care, replanting and propagation

While the cacti are young, they should be subjected to a transplanting procedure once a year.

For transplanting, choose a container that is slightly larger than the previous one. A suitable earth mixture should have good water and air permeability and deep drainage. To make the mixture you need to combine turf soil, leaf humus and brick and marble chips in a 2:1:2 ratio.

Espostoa woolly . Care of Mountain Cacti ( Cacti in Fluff Coats)

Propagation of Espostoa

Espostoa: home care, replanting and propagation

In the spring and summer you can propagate by cuttings.

The cuttings should be dried for a few days before planting in peat soil. Cacti can be raised from seed if the room temperature is between 17 and 25 degrees.

Seeding can be done in the spring and summer in a dry mixture of leafy soil and coarse sand. The container is covered with glass and placed in a well-lit place. When the seedlings emerge, the glass will need to be removed.

If some of the seeds have germinated somewhat earlier than others, they need to be transplanted into another pot. The transplanted seedlings should not be disturbed until they are fully established. Then transfer to smaller pots.

Possible difficulties

Espostoa: home care, replanting and propagation

  • It is rotting in the lower part of the stem (near the surface of the substrate)because of overwatering. Watering needs to be reconsidered.

  • The hairs have lime patches - due to moistening the plant from a sprayer.

Cactus with dandelion hairs - meet the handsome Espostoa. Волосатый суккулент.


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