Cherry Tomatoes On The Windowsill: How To Grow In A Pot In Winter

You've probably seen cherry tomatoes in stores more than once. They usually lie in a small basket and look just perfect. Such vegetables can decorate many dishes and add a spicy touch to them. These tomatoes, which have a fairly small size, have a very pleasant sweet taste with a slight sourness. Having tried them once, you will definitely have a desire to grow such vegetables yourself, and it is quite realistic to do so.

These tomatoes can be grown at home on your windowsill, but to have a good harvest, you should know a few nuances.

Cultivation and care

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill: how to grow in a pot in winter

For cherry tomatoes to grow without too many problems and to give a good harvest, there are several things to consider:

  1. First, you need to choose the right potfor this plant. They should have a cylindrical shape for better filling of the root system. Pots that are rectangular or square in shape should not be used. Once you have chosen your pots, they should be filled with nutritious soil.

  2. South or east windowsills are best, since the plant likes very much light.
  3. Tomatoes also need a dusklight, because otherwise they will start to drop their buds. For this, it is advisable to use a shortwave blue-red light source.
  4. Sow the seeds in traysand then cover them with polyethylene film (glass). They are kept in a place where it is dark and fairly warm between 25 and 30 degrees.

    When the first sprouts appear, the film is removed, and after the plants have grown 2 true leaves, they should be potted into pots, where they will grow.

  5. When you transplant the tomatoes to a permanent place, they should be cared for properly, which is very similar to that used for simple tomatoes grown in the open ground. They will need to be wateredon time,timely, with aprons, disease prevention and treatment, fertilization, and gartering.
  6. If you have the desire and experience, you can grow these plants on hydroponics.

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill: how to grow in a pot in winter

Optimal humidity

Cherry tomatoes love moisture, of course, but you should consider that its overabundance can lead to a rapid build-up of stems and green mass in the plant.

When the weather is overcast, these plants should be watered in half as much as usual. In this type of tomato, the pistils are fused with the stamens (because of this, they are self-pollinated), but if the soil humidity is very high and the air temperature is kept at 30 degrees, the ovaries are formed very poorly. You can improve the situation with a brush. It is just necessary to pass it over the flowers, which will greatly increase the number of ovaries.

Propagation features

Stems and cuttings of this plant root very simply and easily.

So it is not necessary to grow cherry tomatoes from seed. You can take them from your garden. You can also root the shoots or the stems.

For the stems to root as quickly as possible, you should add a little flower fertilizer to the water poured into a glass. And if you give them good room conditions, their rooting will happen after only 7 days.

So, just a great seedling in the spring time is obtained from plants that you rooted still in the fall. And this seedling can be obtained in just half a month. Plus, this type of seedling begins to bear fruit after only a month, all because it is part of a mature, well-developed plant.

Also another advantage of this type of plant propagation and planting in the open ground is that they have time to give a harvest long before phytophthora starts to spread actively.

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill: how to grow in a pot in winter

A few tricks

There are several tricks for growing cherry tomatoes:

  1. So you can plant the newly rooted shoots in June for the second time and you can have them actively producing fruit until mid-autumn.

  2. German gardeners know a trick that makes sure the sprouts do not stretch out if they are lacking light. And it's very easy to do. You need a soft brush, which should from time to time gently sweep over the leaves and the tops of the shoots. As a result, the hairs will get a little damaged. The seedlings grow much more slowly and bushier.

  3. Some gardeners also grow cherry tomatoes in buckets made of iron. Such plants are not planted in the open ground. The fact is that thanks to such a not quite ordinary container, tomatoes do not get infected with phytophthora. And this is because iron can significantly inhibit the growth and development of this fungus.

Hybrids and varieties for windowsill and loggia

  • Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill: how to grow in a pot in winterCherry Lisa F1;
  • Businka F1;
  • Malutka;
  • Minibel;
  • Finik F1;
  • Krayova;
  • Bonsai;
  • Thumbelina;
  • Pigmey;
  • Green F1;
  • Cherry Lycopa.

Choice of earth mixture and specifics of fertilization

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill: how to grow in a pot in winter

A large number of people who have decided to grow cherry tomatoes on their windowsill surely find it very difficult to resist the bright packages of fertilizers that are available in literally every store. After all, it seems to them that without them the plant simply can not grow normally and bring a good harvest. But the thing to keep in mind is that giving plenty of nutrients can be very harmful to the plant. And you should also be aware that the substances contained in fertilizers can accumulate in the fruit, making them poisonous as a result. And for cherry tomatoes to grow beautifully, it will be enough to choose the right planting soil and once every 2 weeks to feed them with any OMU or to use for this purpose simple plant tinctures.

Earth mixture is prepared simply.For this you should mix sand, compost, peat, garden soil, and turf. It is also recommended to add some charcoal.

According to many experts, the usual mechanical mixing of the soil is less effective than the one done with the spraying of the layers. This restructures the soil and, as a result, the liquid will be distributed more evenly over the substrate when watering.

Using the above tips, you will definitely be able to grow strong and healthy cherry tomatoes that will please you for a long time with their harvest.

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